So, I'm writing a paper right now about fear, and I need some help. I've already got a good chunk written, but to complete it I need to know...

What are you afraid of?

(All types of fears, large and small, are acceptable answers. For example: heights, darkness, swimming in the ocean, rejection, republicans, Barbara Walters, clowns, relationships, elevators, being alone, death, E.T., hippies, etc.)


Ego Boost

"You look beautiful!"
-Said to Melissa by the 6-year-old boy sitting in front of us at church.


Food: Let Me Count The Ways

I'm a big fan of food. Big huge fan. Seriously. So I was thinking of all my favorite foods and thought I'd make a list of the 5 best things I've ever eaten. Here they are:

5. Mangoes and Coconut Juice in Rio de Janeiro. Paradise in every way.
4. Una Pizza Margherita at the Pizzeria in Firenze at the end of the markets. This eating experience is most enjoyable if you are seated in between Sorella Roper and Sorella Jones.
3. My Mom’s homemade whole wheat bread with homemade strawberry jam (comfort food).
2. Nutella* e bucaneve. I downed embarrassing quantities of this between July 06 and October 07. *Note: Must be Italian Nutella.
1. Dutch oven peach cobbler with homemade ice cream. My aunt and uncle used to make this every fourth of July. The memory still makes my mouth water.

Ahh food. How I love thee. However, just as some foods can leave our minds spinning with the delectable flavors and scrumptious textures, some other foods make me want to cut my tongue off. Here are the worst foods in existence:

5. Eggnog. Never tried it, never will. My sensibilities just can’t grasp the appeal of drinking something with the word “nog” in it. It just gets worse when you consider that its primary ingredient is raw eggs.
4. Meatloaf. I’d rather eat grass.
3. That oyster I ate in Chicago. Angie said it best- it’s like snot in your mouth. Also that mussel I tried in Brussels had the same effect. Really, all seafood gives me the creeps.
2. Anything at the MTC. Ugh. Gag me with a spoon. I seriously don’t know how I survived. True story: the elders in my MTC district thought I had an eating disorder because I ate so little. I didn’t have an eating disorder, I just really, really, really, really hated the food. The only reason I didn’t wither away in the dark brown halls of the MTC is thanks to the chaco tacos I got from the vending machines in the basement. (Along the same lines, the Cannon Center at BYU is equally bad. Makes sense, since they’re supplied by the same manufacturer as the MTC.)
1. Chestnuts. Just the smell has the effect of making me severely nauseous. I’d say more, but I might lose my lunch. Shudder.

So what's the best thing you've ever eaten? And where should a lover of all good food go to acquire said best thing you've ever eaten? (Or, what's the worst thing you've ever eaten, and why did you eat it in the first place??)