Aaaaaaand It's Not Summer Anymore.

Oh, hey. Well, it's been about a month since I've posted, which I guess means I should give another life update...

-Mike just finished an out-of-state clerkship which occupied him for a good chunk of the Summer. (Read: we have become really good at Skype.) My work was here, so unfortunately I couldn't go with him. It was a long Summer, and I'm glad it's finally over. The rudest trick was played by Mike's car when it decided to break down 3 hours from home, delaying his homecoming for 24 more hours. (Sidenote: Anyone want a buy a car?)

-Did you see IT? You know, IT? The most anticipated movie EVER? Of course I am referring to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. It took me a long time to accept that the movies were never going to live up the expectations I had for them, but once I started accepting the movies as different but plausible interpretations of the books, I started liking them more. And more. I'll give this last movie a solid score of 93%. It was grand. (Although, WHY do they INSIST on getting all the eye colors wrong?? Harry's eyes are GREEN, not blue. Voldemort's eyes are RED, not blue. And young Lily's eyes are GREEN, not brown. How many times did the books and movies say that Harry had Lily's eyes? If you're going to get it wrong, at least get it consistently wrong. With all the editing technology available now days, this is an inexcusable error, as I'm sure any true fan would agree.)

-School is starting next week for both of us, and I'm a little nervous. I just got my husband back, and I'm afraid I'm just going to have to say goodbye again once the crazy demands of work/school pile up, occupying every spare minute of our lives.

-I am a little obsessed with Adele's song "Fire to the Rain." It. Is. Awesome.

-Also obsessed with yellow curry. Seriously delish.

-I recently bought a huge bottle of shower gel that was advertised to be lavender scented. This bottle is big enough to last me 6 months, and I like the smell of lavender, so it was guaranteed to be a win-win, right? Turns out, it actually smells like cleaning chemicals. Think Clorox mixed with Windex with a little vinegar thrown in. It's going to be an interesting 6 months.

-Mike asked if we could limit the number of times I forcibly expose him to Shakespeare this year. I may have gone overkill last year... Sorry Hot Buns. :)

-Want a laugh? Check out these language crimes. (It might only be funny to English nerds like me, but I think it's hilarious.)

-Apparently Stephen Colbert is going to be the next Mormon convert.

-Have you seen these promotional photos of Peeta and Gale for the upcoming Hunger Games films? I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

So, apparently this post went from a life update to random links. Oh well. See you next month. :)