The Master and the Esquire

I feel like bursting out with the song "Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles" whenever I realize that Mike and I are DONE WITH SCHOOL.  It's true.  We graduated and we couldn't be happier.  The festivities started with my mom and brother flying out from CA for my graduation.  They got in a few days early, so we hit up Shipshewana, toured both ND and IUSB, and ate a LOT of food before the ceremony.  Photographic evidence of our graduations follows: 

My brother, Nathan, had never been to Michigan, so we drove 5 minutes north and took a picture to commemorate this joyous occasion:   
Touring IUSB:
You can't really tell, but we're standing on the bridge at IUSB that overlooks the St. Joseph river.  Also, Even when Nathan ducks down and I stand on my toes, he is still taller than me.

my fan club in the stands:

Many thanks to my madre and Nath for flying out, and to Liz, Janelle, and Callie for coming/decorating my front door with balloons and streamers.  It made me feel loved.  :)
My mom and brother decorated the inside of our apartment in festive graduation get-up.

A few days passed, and then it was time for Mike's graduation.

We took a picture of Mike with all his school books after his first semester... and after his last semester...
Mamma and Poppa Wilde came out for the festivities.

 Getting hooded
The next day Notre Dame had their commencement with all graduates from across the whole university.  It was bloody hot in that stadium, but we still all had a grand time.

It has been a long road, and we are very proud of each other.
Happy graduations to us!


Catching Fire: The Dream Cast

Okay, now that we've all seen Hunger Games (and liked it?  Hated it?  Dare I say, loved it?)  it's time to anticipate casting for the next movie in the series: Catching Fire.

Note: This may contain minor spoilers for those of you who have not read the book.  Consider yourself warned.

Finnick Odair: and Mags: Jesse Williams and Cloris Leachman
Seriously, Jesse is PERFECT as Finnick.

Woof and Johanna Mason: Michael Caine and Naya Rivera
(Because no movie cast is complete without Michael Caine.)

Beetee ("Volts") and Wiress ("Nuts"): Michael Emerson and Cherry Jones

 Brutus: Dwayne Johnson

 Enobaria: Thandie Newton or Milla Jovovich
They both have that same look in their eyes that essentially says "I can kill you with my mind," so either way works.  

 Cashmere and Gloss (District 1 brother and sister): Kristen Bell and Patrick Wilson
I hear Kristen Bell is lobbying to play Johanna, but I always imagined Johanna with much darker skin, so Kristen can play Cashmere instead.

 Chaff: Some guy named Patterson Joseph that I found online. 
Seriously though, this is exactly how I imagined him. 

And Seeder: Gina Torres

Plutarch Heavensbee: Chiwetel Ejiofor​  
(I imagined him a little older that this, though, so maybe Chiwetel Ejiofor​'s uncle?)

And lastly, Thead (District 12 Peacekeeper): Damian Lewis

Well?  Am I right or am I right?