Mike Finally Learned Something About Marriage

Overheard as we cleaned our apartment:

"So. Much. Hair. What is one man to do against so much hair?"

*Said in a tone of forlorn resignation to his fate of sharing a bathroom with a girl.



Fresh cheese and goat cheese are not interchangeable.

Just in case you were wondering.


Marriage Gives Me Hiccups.

It really does. I've had hiccups off and on for the past three weeks and it's driving me nuts. Between these sporadic synchronous diaphragmatic flutterings, I've learned some other things about marriage:

1- Sharing a bed means you do not sleep well. Ever. Good thing Mike doesn't have this problem, as he's the one with the early morning commitments. I, consequently, achieve my best bouts of REM cycles between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM. Never later than that though...

2- You pay a lot more attention to the foods you consume, and when you consume them, when you care for the nutritious diet of someone else. Oreos for lunch just don't fly anymore. I've found my culinary domestication has forced me into planning meals an entire week in advance- something I have never before done in my life. Jury's out as to whether this will last or not. (I still have a bag of Oreo's in the cupboard, just in case.)

3- Being married, as opposed to engaged, means you have to start dating again. And I thought I was done with the dating scene. HA! Now we date other couples. It's the same thing as normal dating, just with twice as many people. You set a time to get together, have dinner, play games, have some dessert, talk, laugh, and go home wondering if the other half had fun or not, if they'll call you again, who else they've dated, etc. Mike and I have been on two married dates so far. We have learned from these experiences that we are hilarious, regardless of whether the other couple laughs at our jokes.

4- Conversation just had with Mike:
Mel: "Hey Mike, what have you learned from marriage?"
Mike: "........... Nothing."

That's my husband, everyone.


Joint Blogging

Well, we did it. We marriaged, receptioned, honeymooned, and moved to Indiana all within the past few weeks. Obviously the next step was to create a joint blog. So here we are. Please check back with us for periodical updates on our midwestern lives, our thoughts on housewifery/law school (Mike has promised to contribute to this blog- stay tuned for more), the latest developments in the job search, how big my hair will become thanks to the humidity, etc. So far we've loved being married, and as Mike says, the first 2 1/2 weeks are the hardest, so it's all downhill from here. Go team!