Introducing: Bookmark Dragon

If you only know three things about me, they are probably:

1. I like to read
2. I like to write
3. I like my kid
(Not in that order, don't worry.)

I've done bookish posts on here before, but I usually save my book thoughts for emails with fellow bookish friends, Goodreads, or something like that.


I've decided to unleash the entirety of my bookish, nerdy glory for all to see.  Muahahaha.

Introducing: Bookmark Dragon

You may or may not have known that the book blogosphere is a large and thriving community dedicated to talking about books: book reviews, book news, book covers, promoting literacy, the evolution of book genres, you name it.  Basically, if chocolate were involved, it would be like my personal heaven.  I'm not sure what took me so long, but I've finally decided to stop being a lurker, and join it outright.  

Bookmark Dragon is my new book blog where I'll be posting on all sorts of book-related topics, with the occasional giveaway thrown in for good measure.  (I've got one scheduled for next week, be excited!)  I've already got a few posts up, and have many more in the works.  I'm really excited about this, and hope this is just the start of lots of bookish conversations.   

So here's the deal.  It takes a while before a blog really gets out there, you know what I mean?  If you would comment on the blog, like the page on Facebook, tweet the blog, pin it to Pinterest, or share it in any way, I would be so grateful!  I hope this request isn't too obnoxious.  I promise to post some really cute pictures of Madeline on here within the next week if I get at least 15 comments over at Bookmark Dragon.   Since the audience of this blog is mostly just family and close friends who agree that Maddie is really freaking cute, that might be pretty good incentive.

If you still need convincing, here's a sneak peak picture of Madeline I took earlier this week.
Every time you comment/like/tweet/etc. about Bookmark Dragon, Madeline smiles.
Can you even resist that face?