Vuvuzela Concerto in B Flat

I know, I know, pictures from our South American adventures are coming...eventually. Truth be told, we've been attacked lately by a gargantuan amount of Asian spam, and it's kind of freaked me out and made me a little anti-blogging. I'll return one of these days. This was too funny not to post though:


Out of Whack

Mike: "What day is it?"
Mel: "I have absolutely no idea."
Mike: "Me neither."
Mel: "I'm pretty sure it's June..."
Mike checks the phone and we find out that we are indeed several days into June. We have no idea how this happened.

Clearly, we're still recovering from our crazy last few weeks. Hopefully soon I'll fill you in on Mike's birthday, his 1L graduation, our South American adventures (complete with a persuasive argument on why we hate Delta and why you should too), LOST, last minute trips to Texas, Harry Potter, and our totally awesome tan lines. Until then, we'll likely be asleep.

Peace out.