Summer 2013: In Which Mike and Melissa Have A Lot of Fun and Not A Lot of Sleep

Greetings, internets.

Life in the Wilde house has been great lately.  We've had some vacations, some visitors, and have just been enjoying the summer.

This little squish forgot how to sleep, but I can't help but love her anyway.

The Fourth of July was celebrated in style.  We woke Madeline up to show her her first firework; she just stared, fascinated, at all the bright lights.  It was so cute.

Madeline's favorite thing these days is the faucet in the kitchen sink.

She is so ticklish and giggles all the time.

Mike took Mads canoeing.  I think she would have liked it a lot more if she wasn't so tired.

Cousins Ada and Madeline aren't quite sure what to make of each other yet.

Morning cuddles with mom.

We went on a hike.  We are still alive.  And that's all I'm going to say about that.

As luck would have it, our families had reunions in back-to-back weeks.  It was great to see everyone.  It started with a Moorhead reunion in which I took almost zero pictures.  We had a great time eating lots of cookies and green smoothies (they cancel each other out, right?); going to parks, swimming, jumping in bounce houses, getting black eyes, and just laughing all week long.

Brooke and Madeline checking each other out:

Everyone blatantly ignored my violent protests to having family pictures taken and scheduled a session with a photographer anyway.  Who wants to take family pictures at any point under a year after having a baby??  (If you do, you are welcome to come knock on my front door so that I can punch you in the face.)  Thanks a lot, ya lugnuts.  Here are a few that aren't completely misery inducing.

Grandma and Grandpa with their grandkids
The older three (clearly this was the year when beachy waves and skinny jeans were in style)
The younger three
A little behind the scenes...
Our Madeline
Our fam

Madeline's face cracks me up here.

Mike's family had a big reunion in San Diego and it was a blast!  The house we stayed in had more personality than any place I've ever been before.  We crammed a ton of fun things in and had a great time.

Our car broke down on the way to CA.  Breaking down on the freeway in the middle of nowhere is my worst nightmare.  Luckily Josh and crew were passing through not too long afterwards so he picked up Maddie and me while Mike stayed in scenic Mesquite, NV and took care of the car.  And that's how we ended up driving to CA with these silly monkeys:

Seeing the seals at the La Jolla Cove

A couple of cousins catching up on their sleep in the back of Grandma and Grandpa's car on the way to the Mormon Battalion Visitor's Center:

Mining for gold

Nights were devoted to card games.  Mike and James' game faces:

At the San Deigo Zoo:
Maddie and her Aunt Angie became great buddies

Maddie and her "twin" Ada

Maddie was more interested in her grandpa's watch than in the views of San Diego from the sky ride.


Maddie and Lucy

Taking a nap on mom during dinner

Lovely days at the beach:

Claire the sand-mermaid

Aunt Bethany rocking Madeline to sleep during nap time.  This happened more than once during this trip.  Thanks Bep!  

We went to Sea World!
At the turtle reef

Mike and Mads at one of the Sea World Aquariums

Maddie fell asleep about three seconds after we saw the Shamu show, but we did see it!  Proof:

She liked seeing the whales a lot more after her nap
Chillin with Kate

Clearly Maddie was particularly stoked about the flamingos 

Maddie and Grandma

While we were in CA we spent some time with my parents and sister in Mission Viejo.

Inca Mamma's... I miss you already... 

We started planning Binz's room redo while we were there - Binz, I started a Pinterest board for you!  Go check it out and tell me what you like! 

The car ride home was thankfully much less eventful than the car ride out.  The only negative thing that happened was a blow out.  Which is why Maddie rode home in just a diaper.

We got home this past weekend and have been missing everyone, but enjoying the quiet.  Since we've been home Maddie has been getting better and better at sitting up, though she still needs pillows or something around her for when she falls sideways.

Maddie is seven months old today!  I can hardly believe it.

And last but not least, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, MIKE!
I love you and your foxy buns.