There is nothing in this world that I don't want to do as much as I don't want to do the dishes right now.

So I'm blogging instead.


-A few nights ago Mike went to bed while I stayed up late to finish a research paper. When I finally went to bed, Mike sat up and started talking to me for a few minutes. The conversation culminated in his congratulating me on becoming a 2L. (That's a second-year law student, in case in you didn't know.) Yes, he was sleep talking. This is a common occurrence in our house.

-One of my dearest friends, Tin, had her baby! Welcome to earth, Kylie. (If you don't know Tinathan, repent. Drop whatever you're doing, go to Portland, shake their hands and apologize for not introducing yourself sooner. Don't worry, they'll forgive you. They're cool like that.)

-Boston Rob is killing it on Survivor. Work it, Rob.

-I despise the word "inappropriate."

-I love, however, the word "persnickety."

-I am getting the itch to go on vacation. Like, somewhere awesome. Like Thailand, for example. Or Mexico. Really, I'm just sick of being cold all the freaking time. And Thailand would definitely qualify as awesome. Who's with me?

-A Coca-Cola can exploded in our fridge. I have no idea how this happened. I'll let you imagine what the inside of our fridge looks like right now. It's awesome. And not in a Thailand way.

-Mike is growing sugar snap peas in an old Progresso Soup can on our windowsill right now. They look promising, but I'm suspicious that they might taste like hearty chicken and wild rice.

-Today is Star Wars day! May the 4th be with you all. Here's a funny video for all you jedi warriors out there. (No seriously, watch it.)

-Mike and I have been listening to the soundtrack from the movie The Way Back. Have you seen it? I have yet to meet anybody else who has, which is really a shame since it is an absolutely beautiful film. Go get it from Redbox. Immediately. Then, let's talk.

Okay, okay, I'll go do the dishes now.