"Winter Weather Emergency"

According to South Bend's mayor, today was a winter weather emergency. Yep, South Bend waited until I moved here to get its most snow in a single day EVER. Awesome, I know. We made the best of things and went out and played in the craziness with our friends, the Shaws. Incredibly enough, we engaged in very un-Wilde-like behavior and decided to take pictures. Here are some...

What we woke up to this morning:Jumping in...

Getting ready to build a snow caveMy Hot Buns sticking out of the snowWhat was Mike's project, you might ask. Well, here's the answer:

This project inspired a more enhanced vision. Yep, those are Mike's feet sticking out of the bottom of that snow hill. You can probably guess where this is going.Mike W. dug at one end while Mike S. dug at the other end...Meanwhile LaShel got stuck in the snow :)And I got artsy fartsy. Or something.The final masterpiece... (excuse the narration. I have learned that my video voice-overs are more awkward than helpful. :D Oh, and I have since realized that we are now in 2011, thank you very much.)

We all crawled through just to say we did, and then we warmed ourselves up with some delicious hot cocoa.

A lot of snowy-place natives are acting like the three feet we got today is small cakes, but to this California girl, today was quite the event. Oh, snow. I kind of hate you. Really, you're very pretty, but I HATE being cold with all my soul, so that kind of puts a damper on our relationship. But we had fun with you today. (Now I'm just hoping church gets canceled tomorrow. How about it, weather?)