Catch Up

HOLY FREAKING COW, life has been wicked chaotic lately. Seriously, I think I must have been taking crazy pills when I signed up for this full-time work and full-time school business. It's madness, I tell you. Between the craziness we have managed to squeeze in some fun things. Here's an update...

I met up with some of my favorite people of all time for a little reunion in upstate New York. It was fab. We toured Cornell, ate lots of yummy food, went to Ithaca's Farmer's Market where I enjoyed the hippy feel of the locale, saw more recycle bins than I've ever seen at any one place before in my life, did a little Arrested Development, planned the movie of our lives (complete with cast lists), embarked on nature hikes, found an old barn-turned-used-bookstore where I seriously scored some great finds, went to a spa and got professional massages (which I highly recommend), and just had a grand old time. Photographic evidence (thanks Tin):

So, the old president of Cornell had his own private library.That's right. HIS. OWN. LIBRARY. I know, awesome. As soon as I saw it, I knew I HAD to have one. So, I either have to buy more books (right, Mike?) or become the president of Cornell. I'm okay with either option.Ithaca is gorgeous. (And gorges. Ha.) The colors reminded me of when Mike and I were in Pittsburgh last October. Eastern America is just so lovely in fall. Okay, is this little girl not adorable?!?? Seriously. SO cute.

Lion King

After coming home and un-burying myself from homework, Mike and I went to Chicago to see Lion King! I LOVED it, and Mike didn't hate it, so it was a success. Their costumes are incredible. The giraffes are still my favorite. I've been singing African songs in my head ever since (and wishing L-to-the-izzie were here so we could jam African style. She's the only other person I know who knows all the lyrics.)


We carved pumpkins and were very proud of ourselves.And here's a close up:

Another note- This is very important. I don't know what to be for Halloween, and we have exactly 4 days to figure it out. In need of input. Please help.

That's all for now. Maybe I'll blog again before the semester ends, but I make no promises. From here on out I will be inseparable from the schoolbooks. Wish me luck with midterms.