Yesterday vs. Today

Let me paint you a picture. Yesterday Mike and I were living off of tylenol, coke, and chocolate. Yesterday we had no clean forks, spoons, bowls, plates, or socks. Our pile of laundry was almost as tall as me, and twice as wide. (Mike named this week the revenge of the clothes you never see.) We had puffy eyes from lack of sleep (though the pink eye is gone, thank heaven.) All surfaces in our apartment were covered in various textbooks, notes, outlines, pencils, homework, old bits of paper, articles, rough drafts covered in unintelligible scribbles, chapstick, highlighters, pain killers, unopened mail, tissues, various half-drunk caffeinated drinks, and laptops.

Then Mike finished his last final exam, and we both turned in our last final papers. Oh blessed "submit" button, I love thee.

Today we resemble human beings again. We are well rested. And showered. You can see the top of our desk, kitchen counters, and most of our dining table. Today the laundry is at most half as tall as me. (I'm working on it.) Today we had food for lunch. Today we watched football. There is not a dirty dish in the house. Or a sign of law, economics, or the French Revolution. And today I realized that Christmas is next week.

Finals are over. It's Christmas break.

Sometimes life is awesome.