It's official: the three of us made it to November without going into labor or dying or going completely insane.  We win everything!  We're at 30 1/2 weeks now, and are hoping to make it at least a few more weeks, if we can.  Bedrest still sucks, and I miss my body, but, again, none of us have gone into labor or died or gone completely insane.  So I call it a win.  It might sound melodramatic, but all three options have been real possibilities at various points in the last few months.  The fact that we are all still functioning human beings is a serious victory.

We've had some fun things to break up the pregnancy stress/bedrest monotony lately.  Mike's old college roommate and his wife came and visited from New Mexico, my mom came in town and knocked out all sorts of projects, and three of my college roommates came from CA, OR, and DE to visit as well.  True to form, we didn't take a single picture of anything or anyone for any of the visits.  Sigh.  One of these days we'll actually use our camera.  Here's us roomies a year ago...

This year we had planned on going to Balboa, but once bedrest hit I had to brokenheartedly admit that I couldn't go.  Rather than get together without me, the three of them changed their plans last minute and traveled to Salt Lake instead, just for me.  That's right, they traded Balboa Island for my living room.  That takes a special kind of friendship.  I love you guys, and miss you already!  Between the Roomies and my Mamma Lamma, we got all sorts of things done.  Thank you so much for the freezer meals, the sewing projects, the painting, the meal prep, the deep cleaning, the errand running, the impromptu baby shower, and everything else!  Really, the company would have been enough.  But I am so grateful for all they selflessly did while they were here.  

Halloween was pretty low key, but we still had a good time.  Mike made a "scary" Halloween dinner for us, and then carved pumpkins while I separated the pumpkin seeds from the guts.  We then roasted the pumpkin seeds and ate them while watching Hocus Pocus and waiting for trick-or-treaters.  The three of us dressed up as a cook and an oven and a bun for about two minutes just so that we could take a picture.  Here we are at a rare moment wherein I am standing:
Don't worry, I was laying back down on the couch immediately after this picture was taken.  And have been here ever since. 

New goal: Make it to Thanksgiving without going into labor, dying, or going completely insane.  If we make it, we will truly have a lot to be grateful for.  :)

Wishing you all Happy Novembers!