We Made It Through The Wilderness

I actually haven't taken a blogging break, I've just been channeling all my blogging energy into the BDrag.  Winter came (boo!) and left (yay!) while I was working over there, which makes me realize how many things have happened in the interim.  Here's a reverse-chronological recap, with lots of pictures of my adorable squishy baby for your viewing pleasure:
Trying on Grandma's glasses
Going swimming
Playing with magnets is one of her favorite things these days. 
 She loves parks, though isn't really big enough to play on them without me right next to her.
 Swings are her favorite, though.

 Cribs are cooler if your cousins are in them too.
In February Mike and I went to Hawaii!  It was a total blast.  Madeline stayed with her Grandma and Grandpa Wilde and didn't miss us at all.  It was a big relief knowing she was happy while we were gone.
 Here are some highlights from our Hawaii trip:
Red sand beach
 Black sand beach
 The Hana Highway
 In a bamboo forest
 We may or may not have got a little sunburn.
 Whale watching

 It's a rough life
 We went on the coolest helicopter ride to Molokai.  There were some clouds, but not too many.  The island is almost entirely free of tourism, only inhabited by fishermen and farmers who have been there for generations.  Flying over the volcano craters was so neat - it was like being transported back in time.  I half expected to see a Tyrannosaurus Rex to come stomping out of the jungle.
 I believe Jurassic Park really was filmed in Hawaii, so I guess it makes sense that the remote parts of the island reminded me of dinosaurs.

 We did the best snorkeling in this little cove  that was inhabited by dozens of indomitable roosters.

We had a great time, but were happy to get back to this little squish.
 What I got when I said "smile."
 The five major food groups according to Madeline: yogurt, corn, crackers, berries, and garlic.
The worst foods in existence according to Madeline: bread without butter, meat, and green beans.
 Still loves to read
 Mike took Madeline on her first snowmobile ride.  It was very serious business.
 She even went swimming in the jacuzzi
 She loves imitating sounds.  It's served her well in her vocabulary development.
 Maddie was a late crawler.  She nearly skipped it altogether in favor of walking.
 Baby's first ice cream cone
 We went to Ice Castles in Midway.  It was really cool.  We had a great time exploring.

 She's not smiling in most of these pictures, but she really was a great sport while we were there.

She's still really skinny.
 We got a new stroller!
Every once in a while I'll take a photo that shows Maddie and Mike with the exact same expression on their faces. It cracks me up.  For example:
 The Wildes have a monthly dinner where they celebrate all the birthdays of that month.  Amazingly, Madeline is the only January birthday so she got the candle all to herself.
 Grandma and Claire taking Madeline on a walk
 I waited and waited for them to darken, but her eyes have remained very blue.
 My little New Years Girl turned one!  We celebrated with cupcakes and party hats.  Fun was had by all.

 One of her presents was bubble bath.
She liked the wrapping paper better than the rest of her gifts, for the most part.
 Madeline is the queen of the fake laugh.

 Madeline got some new books for Christmas.  THANK GOODNESS.  We were getting sick of reading the same ones over and over and over and over and over....
 After we opened everything.  
 Madeline was very suspicious of Santa at our ward Christmas party. 
Christmas Eve with the Wildes
 Madeline was an angel in her first Nativity scene
 "Helping" mom and dad fold laundry
 "Twins" Ada and Madeline in their matching pajamas
 We braved the cold and saw the lights at temple square

 I have the squishiest baby.
 Teething is not fun.  She got her first tooth at 11 months, and didn't get any more until 14 months, when she got 3 teeth at once.  Eating is a lot easier now, at least.
 I went to The Nutcracker with my nephews

 Madeline totally likes my green smoothies
 One of these days she WILL get my make up
We love it when Uncle Jake and Uncle Nathan come to visit from Rexburg/Provo!

 I feel like I have a lot of reading pictures.  She really does love to read.  At the end of every book she says "yay!" and then reaches over to her nightstand to get another one.
 At the family fun center in Sandy
 Madeline's face just cracks me up here. 
So yeah, we're still here.  Hope you all have survived the awful winter that has swept across the land!



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